Friday, May 13, 2005

A Couple Additions to the Blog

Sharp-eyed readers will note that I've added an entry to "The Important Bits" over in the sidebar called The Best of LwB. That's sort of along the same lines of the permalinks I gave to my intro post explaining what I'm doing, and to the explanation of just what a Bengal cat is.

Those were things I figured were kind of fundamental for anyone who wanted to take the time to read this thing. And, as the nature of blogging is that posts eventually vanish into dusty archives, I thought I'd permalink to them. Best of LwB is basically the same idea - pointers to articles I thought there might be some continuing interest in. In Blogger, the best way I could think of to make a static page was actually to create a backdated post. So that link just goes to a post page that the system pretends was created before I actually started the blog. Thus it's now the first post, and would appear at the beginning if someone actually reads the February archives. But the point of this whole design is that readers don't have to go digging through archives to see what's interesting.

The most popular things here, the Gratuitous Cat Pictures, already have their own links of course. But from time to time I'll add other things to this if people think later readers might like them. I started with the four-part leash training article I recently wrapped up. If you want to suggest something else at some point, please do. I'm just guessing what readers want. You know.

Toward that end, the other addition has been there for a while, but I haven't pointed it out. Around the bottom of the sidebar, you'll find our spiffy new e-mail address. Just replace (at) and (dot) with their appropriate symbols. Sorry for that, but I'm sure you know why it's necessary. Hope to hear from readers - let me know what you're interested in and all that.


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