Friday, April 22, 2005

Cats and the Common Cold

I've got a nasty cold, which has been impeding my blogging habits for the last few days. Now Leela appears to be developing some kind of "sympathy cold." At least I know she didn't actually catch it from me. I'm repeatedly assured that cats can't catch human cold viruses and vice versa.

But she appears to have caught one of her own. She's pretty much her usual self, but she's been sneezing a little bit today, and one of her eyes is very watery. I've found some sources saying that cats with colds may refuse to eat because they can't smell their food, but she's certainly not having any problems with that - or with tormenting Laszlo or any of the usual things she does.

Elisa is pretty careful about these things, and will probably have her to the vet if this keeps up, so no cause for alarm. In case your cat gets a cold, here are a couple relevant links I found.

Short answer appears to be - probably not a serious problem, but there's a small chance it could be so best to get your cat to the vet and be sure.


At April 24, 2005 at 12:29 AM, Blogger Rene said...

Better to go to the vet for nothing than being too late to do something about it. And this is even more true for older cats. Also, at an early stage your vet can accomplish much with little, while in a later stage vet bills can rise to enormous proportions.


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