Monday, July 14, 2008

Habits Change. Seldom for the Better

Leela's behavior patterns have shifted as she's matured. She's still a dangerous sociopath. It's just manifesting in different ways.

The most dangerous change that's suddenly appeared is a fascination for tipping over any unattended glasses she finds. Particularly those that are half full and sitting next to things like books and computers.

So far we've been lucky and she hasn't managed to destroy anything important. But we've had to do quite a few rushed cleanups lately. This is an entirely new behavior for her that seems to have just appeared out of nowhere in the last couple months. She always liked glasses with drinks, but until now it's been because of the ice cubes. She loves a game we've taken to calling "objects in water." (We're not all that imaginative.) Basically anything in water, she wants to fish out. This is a pretty standard Bengal thing and we were used to it. This is different. She just walks up and "whack." She hooks the rim with a paw and pulls it right over. She's doing it a lot.

Not sure what to do about it, but something's got to be done or she and I are going to have words.

(oh, hi, by the way)

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