Friday, July 18, 2008

Behavior Evolving... Badly

A growing problem with Leela that I'm not quite sure what to do about. She, as I assume most Bengals, develops new behaviors occasionally, and others fade away. Sometimes this is because we find a way to interrupt them. She used to ping off the walls, leaping up to eye level and sliding down the wall with her claws out. It's great for your security deposit. She stopped that when we got her her tree. Which will get a post of its own soon.

Sometimes these things just stop for no particular reason. She doesn't go off on the toilet paper and unroll a whole roll onto the bathroom floor anymore. (We stopped putting it on the rolls for a while, but we've since started putting it back and she hasn't picked up the habit again.)

But she's just developed something new that's really worrying me. She's started tipping over unattended glasses. Like mostly full glasses. Like mostly full glasses sitting on tables and desks next to important papers and computers.

She's clearly doing it deliberately. The most recent time, I got up and went to the bathroom and she made a beeline for it. I heard the glass go over within seconds. And that's getting perilously close to a dealbreaker for me. So far she hasn't managed to destroy anything important, but that's just luck. And yes, I can try to not leave full glasses sitting around, but sooner or later I, or my wife, or a houseguest, is going to forget. And as I said, this time all I did was go into the bathroom.

I need to do some research because I'm afraid the time is coming where we're going to have to be able to break her of one of her bad habits instead of adjust our own behavior around it. Or else my wife and I are going to have a terrible, terrible fight.

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