Saturday, June 25, 2005

Finding Your Missing Bengal

On one of the cat forums I frequent, I've noticed an upsurge in worried reports of missing Bengals over the last week or two - enough that people are wondering what's going on, blaming the full moon, etc. (It has been quite a moon lately.)

A more likely explanation is that it's warm out, and people are leaving windows open. At least one of these missing cats dug a hole in the screen of an open window and went exploring. We've been leaving ours open - we were surprised to learn when we got here that most houses in Vancouver don't have air conditioning. And, while our windows are of an unusual design that we're pretty sure Leela can't get out through, they do let in very intriguing scents and noises from outside. Leela's spending a lot of time on the sills underneath the open windows being very curious.

Fortunately, the abovementioned cat returned home a couple days later, very tired but not noticeably worse for wear. The owner reports that their vet said cats that wander off typically come back on their own within 72 hours. That is, of course, unless something happens to them in the meantime, so it's not very reassuring news if your cat's missing.

But anyway, if your cat, Bengal or otherwise, goes missing, I came across a very complete resource on how to find your cat, get it back, make sure this doesn't happen again, etc. It's from a woman named Pauline who lost her Russian Blue cat in 2000 and managed to find it after nearly a month. She learned a lot of tricks, and has been helping people find missing cats ever since. Good tips on prevention as well, to make sure your cat doesn't go missing in the first place. Check it out.


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