Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bengal vs. Bengal

A few days ago our eBay Happy Meal McBengal arrived. Once you've got something like that, what exactly do you do with it?

The obvious answer: meeting of the minds. So I introduced Leela to the McBengal. I have to say it's about the level of quality you'd anticipate from a happy meal toy. I still think it looks really sad, its whiskers are kind of ridiculous and - the big one - it can't stand up on its own. It's not quite balanced right, and the tag on the bottom doesn't help either. I had to put a heavy weight on its tail (which you know, isn't such a bad idea...) to keep it from toppling forward.

As it happens, Leela knew just what to do with it.

That's almost the last of the pictures I shot. The rest either show just Leela (because she's swatted the toy out of frame), or are an unfocused blur of motion. This is after she calmed down a little.

Oh, what the hell? Here's a slightly earlier one.

For what it's worth, the McBengal survived intact. She wasn't trying to shred it. But I think she definitely established who's boss.


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