Saturday, March 12, 2005

Rude Girl

Leela has been in a fine lather the last couple days. She's always jealous of any minor happiness that Laszlo manages to find, but I've been noticing more of it recently.

Example 1: Laszlo is perched on the edge of the sink, drinking the narrow stream of water Elisa has turned on for him. He loves to do this, and she likes to indulge him. So Laszlo's happily lapping at the tiny column of water when Leela comes along. She actually climbs down into the sink just to get between Laszlo and the water. He tried to ignore her, but she's very hard to ignore when she doesn't want to be ignored. She was getting soaked! This little trickle of water is getting all over her, but she doesn't care about things like that. And eventually Laszlo gives up and takes off.

Example 2: Laszlo has perched on a corner of the kitchen counter. It's a strategic location with a good view of the kitchen and into the living room. It's also about as high as you can get without leaping onto cabinets. It's also, unfortunately, one of Leela's favorite places. Somehow Laszlo has found his way there and is lying in "meatloaf" posture happily observing the world going by. Along comes Leela, also minding her own business until she sees Laszlo. At that point, she makes a beeline for him, jumping up on the counter behind him and nipping at his hindquarters while he wails in protest. Again, he soon takes off, and she chases him since, hey, he was running.

There's no question who wears the little kitty pants around here. Laszlo never fights back in any serious way, even though he's bigger than she is. The pecking order has been established, and there's just nothing he can do about it at this point. But she really goes out of her way sometimes to enforce it.


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