Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cat Toy Review

As I've mentioned elsewhere, spending money on cat toys is a pretty dubious idea. For one thing, you'll never top a used grocery bag (paper or plastic). For another, the more you spend on a cat toy, the more likely your cat is to sniff in disdain and walk away. But sometimes, we find a winner.

Right now, Leela's absolute favorite cat toy is the Flytoy, from an outfit called Metpet. This is your basic "object dangling from the end of a stick" toy, but it takes the concept and drills it out of the park. They use actual fishing flies (ours is the pike, but there are a good dozen or more varieties).

It's attached to a plastic rod (12 or 18 inches long) by clear fishing line, and it's light enough that it really seems to float on the air when you get it moving. It drives Leela absolutely crazy. She's already managed to get a couple of the feathers off it, but we've extended its lifespan by keeping it in a closet and only taking it out for playtime. (Metpet's site does tell you to do this.)

At $5.99 for the smallest varieties, up to $12.99 for the Class IIIs like ours, this isn't the cheapest cat toy on the market. But neither is it ridiculously expensive, and we can't say we haven't gotten our money's worth on this one.


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