Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Best of LwB

The nature of blog design means that posts gradually trail off the main page and into the archives where, honestly, no one's ever likely to see them again. For steady readers, that's not much of a problem. But if you randomly stroll into a newly discovered blog, you're likely to miss posts you'd really enjoy, or just basic information about what's going on here.

With that in mind, this page provides pointers to some past articles I thought might be of ongoing interest. (I could always be wrong...) Enjoy, and as always, thanks for reading Living with Bengals

Leash Training a Bengal
A four part series on getting your Bengal prepped and ready for walks outside. Includes selection of a harness or walking jacket, getting the cat to wear them, and some tactical pointers on incorporating outdoor exploration into your Bengal's routine without driving yourself crazy.