Monday, February 28, 2005

Serious Scratching Posts

While it's true that some cats will never learn to love a scratching post, you have to at least give it the old college try -- especially if you have a Bengal. And all posts are not created equal (check out above photos). The standard pet shop scratching post is usually just a bunch of sisal rope glued to a base, with maybe a couple little useless balls hanging off the top. This is fine for many cats, but our cat Leela shredded the crap out of the one we bought (as you can see). Plus, it was easy for her to knock over and, consequently, lose interest in. The best scratching post we've found is a really tall, really sturdy post with an extremely dense fiber covering (see photo at right). Leela has yet to shred any part of it or knock it down even though she frequently leaps on top of it. This post is not cheap, but well worth it. Check it out at


At February 28, 2005 at 9:51 AM, Blogger John said...

By the way, size matters here too. The blue and tan one is 17 inches tall, while the bigger one that Leela is helpfully modeling is 30 inches (both plus base). It's a lot heavier and the base is bigger. As Elisa noted, both of these are helpful in keeping her from knocking the thing over.

We keep the old one in a corner of the stairwell now, where it's harder to tip. Once in a while she'll wander by and give it a scratch, but she has much more fun with the big one - balancing on top of it, or just hurling herself at the side and clinging there.


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